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Friday, July 22, 2016

Politics : Trump Still Behind Clinton, But Gaining

We could be just four months away from electing Donald Trump as the 44th President of the United States. At press time, the Republican Party is still the +190 underdog to beat Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, but Trump continues to gain ground, while Clinton's approval ratings have been slipping.

Trump's rise to the top of the GOP didn't happen overnight. His presidential odds have been improving for the most part since late 2013, when Trump was a 150/1 long shot. Recent terror attacks around the globe and at home have given the Republican nominee a boost at the polls, although his political strategy appears to focus on attacking Clinton. The Democratic Party is -230 to win the presidency; on July 6, Clinton was available at -340.

Expect Trump's odds to narrow even further once he speaks Thursday night to close out the 2016 Republican National Convention. There doesn't seem to be too much Trump can say or do that will put off his growing legion of followers. And thanks to the Electoral College system, Trump can become President without winning the popular vote, as George W. Bush did in 2000.

Politics : Trump Still Behind Clinton, But Gaining

Politics Odds: Trump Gaining Ground on Clinton
Donald Trump is now the official Republican Party nominee for the 2016 US presidential election. But will he win? Trump's chances are improving; at press time, his party is still the +190 underdog, but on July 6, Trump was listed at +280.

While Trump has been rallying his supporters at the Republican National Convention, Hillary Clinton's approval ratings have been falling. Her opportunity to bounce back comes next week at the Democratic convention, where she'll accept her party's nomination and announce her running mate. Until then, Trump and the GOP are on the attack.

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