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Friday, July 8, 2016

Politics : Will Trump Pick Newt as Veep?

With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the presumptive US presidential nominees for their respective parties, attention has turned to their choices for vice president. Tim Kaine is the +160 favorite at press time to become Clinton's Democratic running mate, while Newt Gingrich leads the list of Republican hopefuls at +160.

The Republican National Convention is being held in Cleveland from July 18-21, so Trump is expected to announce his selection sometime next week. Gingrich, the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, has the highest profile of the possible candidates, but has also been critical of Trump in the past. Chris Christie (+750) is a more natural fit, and carries more betting value as the third favorite. Sarah Palin is also available as a +4000 long shot.

Clinton hasn't quite secured her party's nomination yet, and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia isn't until July 25-28, so her decision will likely come after Trump's. Kaine is the junior senator from Virginia, expected to be a swing state in the upcoming election. Elizabeth Warren (+300) is the more popular choice of the Democratic base, but a two-woman ticket is considered risky at this point with Clinton heavily out-polling Trump.

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Politics : Will Trump Pick Newt as Veep?

Politics Odds: Vice-Presidential Picks for Clinton, Trump
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are deadbolt locks to run for president. But who will they pick to be their vice-presidential candidates? At press time, Virginia senator Tim Kaine is the Democratic favorite at +160, while former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich leads the Republican list at +160.

Kaine appears to be the safest option for Clinton, but history has shown that anything can happen with the Republican choice for running mate – and with Trump himself. New Jersey governor Chris Christie (+750) and 2008 veep candidate Sarah Palin (+4000) are in the mix.

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