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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Politics : Tough Times for Trump; Dems Soaring

Party to Win the 2016 US Presidential Election; State Props

Things have gone from bad to worse for the Republican Party. As Donald Trump's presidential campaign turns more and more into a pro-wrestling show, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats see their election chances improve. In the past two weeks, the Republicans have slipped from +250 to +325 to win the 2016 US presidential race, while the Dems have taken another step forward from –325 to –450.

 It's been three weeks since the Democratic National Convention wrapped up in Philadelphia, and Clinton's surge in the polls hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. Trump is doing most of the work for her by making outlandish comments that appeal to his base. He's projected to receive about 44% of the popular vote, so it's not a small base by any means, but hardly enough to win the election in a virtual two-horse race.

Trump's weakness in the key “swing” states can be seen on the props market, where his party's a +200 underdog to win the popular vote in Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada, and North Carolina. There are even some “red” states that are anything but locked down; the Republicans are just –250 to win Missouri, and –300 in Utah.

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Politics : Tough Times for Trump; Dems Soaring

Politics Odds: America Continues to Dump Trump
This isn't just a convention “bounce” for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Over the past two weeks, they've moved from –325 to –450 on the futures market for the 2016 US presidential election. Their convention wrapped up three weeks ago.

Donald Trump has dominated the news cycle since then, although not in a presidential way. His latest round of inflammatory comments has the Republican Party dropping from +250 to +325 to win the election. Trump is still projected to get about 44% of the popular vote, but that would give Clinton an easy win on November 8.

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