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Friday, September 23, 2016

Entertainment : Brad Pitt vs. Johnny Depp in Race to Altar

Hollywood was turned upside-down on Tuesday when lawyers for Angelina Jolie announced she was filing for divorce from Brad Pitt. Not long after the story broke, betting odds were released for the soon-to-be bachelor and what his future marital plans may hold. Also included on the entertainment props board: Johnny Depp, who reached a settlement last month with ex-wife Amber Heard after she filed for divorce in May.

Who will these former leading actors marry next? In Pitt's case, there are two betting options at press time: Actress at –130 and Other at –110. For Depp, Actress remains the favorite at –140, followed by Model (+175), Singer (+300) and Athlete (+900). You can also bet on which gentleman will remarry first. Depp is the heavy favorite at –200 to reach the altar before Pitt (+150).

A Bloomberg report from this February shows that actors are very likely to marry within their own profession, so Actress is the likely choice for both Pitt and Depp – although they might have other ideas now that they're both in their early 50s and twice-divorced. As for the race to remarry, Depp is eligible right now, while Pitt's status is “Separated.”

Entertainment : Brad Pitt vs. Johnny Depp in Race to Altar

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Entertainment Odds: What's Next for Brad Pitt (and Johnny Depp)?
Now that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, he and recently-dumped Johnny Depp are feature attractions on the entertainment props board. Who will remarry first, and will they try tying the knot again with other actresses?

When it comes to the timing, Depp is the clear favorite at –200; he's been eligible since mid-August, while Pitt (+150) is still in legal limbo at press time. Both gentlemen are expected to stick within their profession, if they choose to remarry at all. “Actress” is the favorite for Pitt at –130 and Depp at –140.

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