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Friday, September 30, 2016

Politics : Trump Still Potent After Poor Debate

Despite a poor performance in the first presidential debate, Donald Trump hasn't given back all that much of the support he's gained over the past month. At press time, Trump is +200 to win the presidency; the Republicans were +250 in early September. Hillary Clinton is the –275 favorite, while “Other” is available at +1600.

After the conventions, Trump found himself losing ground in a number of “swing” states, but those states have turned red over the past month. Monday's debate at Hofstra University was another opportunity for viewers to see what Trump is made of, but two days later, he remained ahead – just barely – in Florida, Ohio, Nevada and North Carolina.

Those states could definitely turn blue again after more recent polls are in. And there are two more presidential debates coming up: October 9 at Washington University in St. Louis, and October 19 at UNLV. Trump has essentially played his hand as a “non-serious” candidate in the eyes of his critics, but his base of white voters aged 45-plus with no college education remains strong. Still, it will take another Clinton faux pas, and perhaps some outside interference, for the Republicans to win this race.

Politics : Trump Still Potent After Poor Debate

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Politics Odds: Trump Hanging Around Post-Debate
Hillary Clinton “won” the first presidential debate on Monday, but Donald Trump hasn't lost much ground in the polls – yet. He remains a +200 underdog at press time to win the US presidential election, up from +250 in early September. Clinton is –275, with “Other” priced at +1600.

It's entirely possible Trump will fall further behind once more recent polls come in. His performance at the debate was anything but presidential; however, Trump remains ahead for now in key “swing” states like Florida and Ohio. Their next debate is October 9 at Washington University in St. Louis.

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