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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Politics : Will Trump Leave the White House?

Donald Trump’s chances of completing a full term as President of the United States have taken a hit. Following his administration’s failed attempt to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, and with the continuing investigation into his team’s possible connections with Russian operatives, Trump is now a –140 favorite to see his presidency end before he gets to complete a four-year term.

Trump is certainly one of the least popular presidents of all-time. And his polling numbers are getting worse; at press time, Gallup has just 36% of respondents saying they approve of Trump’s performance, while 56% say they disapprove. No other president in polling history (dating back to Harry Truman) had a net disapproval rating throughout his first 68 days in office – not even George W. Bush, who climbed above 50% approval on Day 16 and stayed there for three years.

The Trumpcare fiasco hasn’t done much for Republicans and their profile, but the administration’s handling of the Russian situation should have even more impact on Trump’s chances to complete a full term. The word “treason” has been popping up with more regularity as the evidence continues to mount against his people.

Politics : Will Trump Leave the White House?

Live odds and lines

Politics Odds: Trump Favored to Leave Office Early

After a botched attempt at repealing Obamacare, and with evidence of ties to Russian operatives continuing to build, Donald Trump’s chances of finishing a full term in office are slipping. He’s a –140 favorite at press time to leave the White House before his four years are up.

Trump’s low popularity numbers fell even further after the failed Obamacare vote, but it’s the Russian ties that really have him in hot water – not to mention the way he and his people are handling the investigation as the evidence mounts. Expect to hear the word “treason” used a lot this spring.

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