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Monday, May 1, 2017

Play Go-Go Bingo On The Go

With an exciting new version of bingo released on desktop and mobile, you can play a quick round of bingo anytime, anywhere. Go-Go Bingo offers a clean and minimalistic look that can be customized to suit your preferences.

Choose your favorite color for the background. The game can be played over a burnt orange, mustard yellow, creamy tan, hot pink, aquamarine blue, or mint green backdrop. Once you’ve selected your color, choose how much to stake. The game’s payouts are scaled to the wager staked. The higher the stake, the higher the payouts, and vice versa.

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The screen is divided into four bingo cards, each comprising three rows and five columns. If you don’t like the numbers on your card, feel free to shuffle them by clicking on any card; this activates the Card Shuffle function. Once you feel satisfied with your cards, start the game. 30 balls numbered between 1 and 60 are randomly selected. As drawn numbers match the numbers on your cards, they’ll be highlighted, so that it’s easy to see when you land a winning pattern.

Not that it’s hard to recognize a win. You’ll be immediately notified by the exciting explosions and sounds that fill the screen. With 12 winning patterns available, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to trigger one of three wins: a Big Win, a Mega Win, and an Epic Win. Each card’s winnings are tallied in the card’s respective corner, whereas your balance is shown at the top-center of the screen. The centre of the screen displays the Extra Ball feature.

If you’re one ball short of a win when the round ends, you can choose to buy an Extra Ball. Sometimes, an Extra Ball will be handed out as a freebie, so keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled. There are nine Extra Balls in total. Keep track of how many Extra Balls you’ve used by checking the aforementioned Extra Ball display in the centre of the screen. There are nine sections to the Extra Ball circle, and as you use them, the sections are highlighted and the price changes, so don’t waste these precious bonus items. They’re bingo life-savers.

Go-Go Bingo is a fun and refreshing twist on a traditional game. It offers the same structure that made the game an instant hit in the USA 88 years ago, with added features that provide players with more chances to hit epic wins.

Play Go-Go Bingo On The Go

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