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About me

Me and sports ....  what a lovely long relationship. It started on my early days in school when I simply practice volley, basketball and athletics. When I finished the school, I started to focus on swimming and squash. I started to play squash because there are just a few persons in this sports in my city. I started to play all tournaments and won several titles. During my squash career, I fell in love with Tae Kwon Do but my time for other sport was very limited. I decided to continue with Tae Kwon Do and put Squash aside for a while. When I was almost getting my red belt, I simply  started to miss Squash courts and friends. I stopped with Tae Kwon Do and resume my Squash career practicing every single day. To give me more power on strikes, I started to work out in the same club during the evenings. My Squash gameplay started to improve significantly. I practice swimming and squash from 15 - 30 y/o.

Sports on TV
 During my whole life, I was always tuned on TV watching sports. The sports I most watched was Boxe, Swimming (for a obviusly reason), Voleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball ... actually I was watching everything related to sports and all great title decisions, no matter which sports.

I had a pleasure to watch all Mike Tyson fights on TV. Every single title bout, I was there, in front of TV to watch the big champion ! Tyson was my favourite athlete those years.

This site is dedicated to sports and you will find news about different leagues in the United States and Europe. Sometimes, you will read something from other countries.

I love sports but unfortunately I don't have too much time to update this site. Maybe you are a sports enthusiasts just like me and why not join forces and start writing here as an editor ?

If you like sports and would like to write here, comment this post and I will write you some ideas.

Thanks for your visit !

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